A marketing strategy is an official document that is enshrined in a company’s policy. Accordingly, the document reflects the real position of the brand on the market, including the assessment of development prospects, the availability or lack of the necessary resources for growth. Sales growth is at the forefront of any marketing strategy.mucha mayana This is usually achieved by increasing the flow of consumers and also the amount of orders. One Media Group » Strategic Business

“Change is the heartbeat of growth” – Scotti SomersScreen Shot 2018-04-05 at 19.45.52

We help companies understand where changes are needed for successful growth

Research has shown that established companies reaching the 7- 10 year mark encounter a lack of cohesion between brand and purpose. A fresh and innovative approach is needed to re-align the aims of the business with the brand, its people and its marketplace. Do you want to know how to win as quickly as possible? Play with the online slots no deposit bonus uk right now. There’s a lot of money as well as enjoyment!

One Media Group has teamed up with Business Growth Studio to offer a tailor-made service for companies who have stalled and simply stopped growing.  Through fresh eyes and a different perspective, we can look at each part of your business and help you to re-focus and re-align your business goals, setting you on the right path for sustainable growth.

Our collaboration offers clients a bespoke company audit resulting in a set of valuable information in each of the key areas of a company, from which a programme of change can be designed and implemented. Do you find your company is facing; declining market attractiveness, minimal brand differentiation, a business model that is not delivering a sustainable competitive advantage?

We revisit your company’s initial mission, purpose, values and strategy, assessing where it is today and its position the marketplace.

Our approach

After an assessment of the above we look at the structure of the business. We focus on the people roles and fit with company culture, reporting lines, communications and the business strategy. We help clients enhance an established brand and sub-brands to achieve impact and visibility and stay one step ahead of the competition, create a marketing and digital strategy to ensure people notice and engage with their brand, and improve their digital presence.  We provide a bespoke service that helps you to strengthen your company and prepare it for sustainable growth and success.

If you are seeking expert help to revitalise your business, our collective skills, fresh approach and extensive experience will be a valuable asset.

The areas we focus on

  • Vision & Strategy
  • Culture & Core Values
  • Purpose and Mission
  • Organogram – Reporting and Lines of Communication
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Pricing strategy
  • HR Management and Planning
  • Exit Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Brand Development – Customer Journey
  • Communication strategy – Internal and External
  • Design & Print Collateral
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Marketing Campaign Strategy


If you are looking for a strategic reset for your business we would be delighted to meet you for a confidential chat. Contact Heidi today.


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